Wrapping up my GSoC

Open Source Development 101 and Developing LLVM and Polly 101– this is how I would describe my first GSoC. It not only opened an avenue to pursue my interest in systems research, but also got me connected with an open source developer community with similar interests and immense knowledge. Right time to mention Dr Tobias Grosser, Dr Michael Kruse, Dr Ramakrishna Upadrasta, my mentors! I cannot thank them enough. Among a lot of the other firsts on this project were using git to develop in a quasi-production scenario, writing platform-independent code, proactively diving deep into inscrutable code-bases to understand the root-cause of an apparently implausible bug, remote collaboration, succinct and contextual communication, asking the right questions etc.It was also the first time I worked on LLVM, Polly and Julia together, on the very active upstream branches of three projects simultaneously. I did find doing this at the very beginning a little overwhelming, and frankly, sometimes dis…